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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Film video #2

Though we did not watch a lot of the second video, I saw the beginnings of what would evolves in to film as we know it today. Experiments made by the first innovators of movies set the stage for the road to modern film, like the focus on plot and even adding voices to make the plot more believe able. These things may sound simple to us, but back then they were as important as the moon landing, and James Cameron and Steven Spielberg can make their masterpieces because of what happened back in this period. That's just how evolution works.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The story of film

Last week I was shown a documentary on the history of film. From Edison's first light to the multi-million dollar block busters, film has evolved to suit us. The Luminaire brothers began a revolution of their own in France, and are considered to be the fathers of film, with their train that amazed the people by going past the screen. Even the use of bubbles brought us to the films that the world has learned to love. The smallest steps bring further along the Odyssey of film, and things that we see as second nature, but in the beginning, these were mind boggling discoveries.