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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Between the lines

The English man speaks of folding as the basis of life. The elaborate art of origami gives man something to change, an act the human race is very good at. Described as metamorphic, origami is not taking away from the paper, but simply changing it into a more beautiful form. The men and women who are able to per from this amazing task breath life into the paper, like alchemists with their potions. Some of the work looks as if it was formed of stone, not paper. The artist in the film never creates the same model twice, but many of the nimble fingers of the world fold the the repeated  works of incredible art. The art is not an easy task and requires a great amount of skill in math and geometric shapes. The originator is Akira Yoshizawa, a Japanese man with a vision if a world filled with people who understand the elaborate art of origami. In the modern world, there is a great interest in the art, and in five years, where will we be? What will origami lead our nation to? Is it trying to lead us somewhere, or is it simply just there for us to learn the technique and enjoy the beauty of the folding?

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